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 This charming antique house was built around 1745, while the parish of Yamachiche had only 636 dwellers accommodated in 134 houses. Situated among the Petites-Terres row, this residence was likely the successive ownership of Etienne, Louis and Francois of the Lamy family until 1843.

By alliance Claude Ferron and Marie Alphée Lamy, four generations of families have followed Ferron over a period on this property.

Source (fr) : PELLERIN, J.-Alide, Yamachiche et son histoire, 1672-1978. Éd. du Bien Public, Trois-Rivières, 1980, 789 p.

Close to the birthplace of the famous  Antoine Gérin-Lajoie, this residence, which has more than two centuries of existence, reveals a unique architecture, which should exhilarate archaeologists. This residence was recently acquired by Yvan Berthiaume and his wife Mireille Mainville (current owners) in November 2009 to make it their home. Moreover, recent renovations have allowed a partial conversion into lodging with a mission "To discover the natural beauty of this ancestral home".

  The lodge has been recognized 3 suns by Tourisme Québec in May 2011.Bed and breakfast establishment with excellent facilities, offering several services and amenities.  

Over time

 Since every building has a need for maintenance, special attention must be maintained to this old house of more than two centuries.

   At first glance, the roof rests on a structure whose walls consist entirely of brick masonry. In addition to the openings, doors and windows, walls are about fifteen inches thick and drilled by seven loop-holes as of a fortified castle. In the sub-roof, we discover another important element in the structure of this building; the presence of a former double roof of which is covered with very old cedar shingles, set by forged nails. The original structure of the roof is securely hinged with tie beams and links, including wood and seem to be manually put (by an ax and a pit saw). This assembly is secured with wooden dowels.


  In 1891, Mr Edmond Ferron was restoring the old house under the skilful leadership of the Héroux brothers. Among others, they renovates the foundation, roof and openings; then another brick covering was applied to the existing wall. In the following, Messrs Omer and Raymond Ferron have neglected nothing to maintain this historic house, taking care to preserve its antique character. The "Raymond Ferron" house is considered one of the most attractive on the Petites-Terres row.


 Note that many professionals were born in this ancestral home; Wilbrod doctors, and Edouard and Eugène Ferron and the abbots Omer and Joseph Ferron, sons of Claude and Marie Alphée Lamy. It is also the birthplace of Mr. Bertrand Ferron, notary, son of Mr Raymond Ferron and Lady Marie-Laure Bellemare.